Thrive Premium Ad Marketplace

Thrive is a premium ad marketplace powered by blockchain.

Given the lack of competition and transparency in the online advertisement industry, Thrive intends to meet the needs of businesses and consumers by applying blockchain technology. By using the blockchain, prices for advertising will be more competitive and businesses will be better able to protect their brand image.

Increasingly, companies are concerned with their advertisements being placed near inappropriate material or on inappropriate websites. The misplacement of their brand images may cause consumers to view them less favorably, thus potentially making their sales drop. Currently, websites and internet neighborhoods are not properly rated, thus causing this vulnerability to brands. Thrive will rectify this problem by offering rewards to reviewers based on their accuracy and reliability, and will allow businesses to choose which publishers meet their standards based on these ratings.

Using the proprietary Thrive blockchain, users of the platform can transact with “smart contracts” that prevent the need for intermediaries such as brokers, thus reducing costs. The globally viewable nature of the blockchain will bring transparency to the industry. As a decentralized platform, it will be censorship-resistant, allowing anyone to participate and contribute to its development. The data that will be bought and sold on the platform will be anonymized and obtained with the permission of users.

The native token of the platform, THRT, will incentivize all parties in a manner that promotes the platform’s development as a premium ecosystem. All transactions on the platform will require the use of THRT. Thrive will establish a meritocratic system that rewards reviewers with the token based on the quality of their reviews, thus allowing advertisers that are concerned about their brand image to advertise on websites that meet their standards. As the value of THRT rises over time with the growth of the platform, users will compete to provide reviews of the highest quality.

Thrive Labs, the name of the organization behind this platform, is a division of WeBoom LTD, one of the top digital advertising companies in Italy with an established record of success. WeBoom LTD was rated as one of the top 10 Ad Words spenders in 2015, according to the project. The team behind this project also believes in social responsibility, and will hold annual charity events. The project has offices in Malta and Switzerland.

The Thrive ICO will begin March 10 and is scheduled to end April 5, 2018, unless the hard cap of 25 million euros is reached earlier. During the ICO, the THRT token will have a nominal value of 0.25 euro. Investors who are interested in the application of blockchain technology to the advertisement industry may want to think about joining this crowdsale before it ends or reaches the hard cap.

*I am receiving Thrive tokens for the growth of the community.

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