Quantum1Net: Quantum-Safe Privacy

Quantum1Net protects privacy with its quantum proof encryption.

With the advent of quantum computers, much more powerful computers estimated to be just years away from development, current encryption methods will become obsolete as they will easily be cracked. To counter this development, Quantum1Net has developed a proprietary method using quantum mechanics — the branch of physics dealing with the sub-atomic level — to create encryption that can withstand attacks from quantum computers.

Rise of Quantum Computers

Scientists have discovered that at the sub-atomic level a particle can be in two places or states at a time. Thus, it cannot be predicted with certainty where a particle will be at a future time, even assuming an observer has complete data on a particle from a particular time and before that time. However, scientists can create a map of probabilities of where the particles may go, with the understanding that they can be in more places than one. This branch of physics dealing with sub-atomic particles is known as quantum mechanics, and the implications for computers are enormous.

Using quantum mechanics, computers of the future will be much more powerful than today’s computers. Today’s computers process data using a binary method, meaning data is processed using a one or zero at a time. The binary processing of data limits the speed of computing. By contrast, quantum computers process qubits, or quantum bits, that are comprised of a one or zero, or both simultaneously. The greater range of qubits means quantum computers will be able to process and store significantly more data.

The problem with today’s encryption methods is that their generation of keys is not truly random, but is instead pseudo-random. This means that they leave behind patterns of key generation that can, given sufficient computing power, be predicted. Today’s computers lack the capacity to predict these keys, but the quantum computers of the future will have sufficient computational power to make these encryption methods useless. The implications for society are enormous, given that the entire internet, including the protocols that enable it, and the transactions that take place based on these protocols, is in danger of being compromised by bad actors with harmful motives. If governments and businesses are not quick to act on the emergence of quantum computing, all privacy will be compromised, including all financial transactions.

Quantum1Net QEKG and Bitcoin Fork

Quantum1Net has thus developed its “quantum encryption key generator” (QEKG) to create truly random private keys that cannot be cracked by quantum computers. QEKG uses quantum mechanics — and specifically a process called quantum entanglement — to create truly random keys. These random keys can be generated without the need for an expensive supercomputer. QEKG only requires a one-qubit quantum optical device, according to the whitepaper. Users, and particularly businesses, will be able to connect to the Quantum1Net platform to obtain quantum-safe encryption to ensure they can have privacy and security. Each time Quantum1Net generates a private key, it will be discarded to ensure that its process remains random. Hardware manufacturers will be able to partner with Quantum1Net to ensure their products are safe from quantum computing.

Going a step further than simply creating a quantum-safe encryption method, Quantum1Net will create a fork of bitcoin that is quantum proof. This will be the first project to fork the world’s first cryptocurrency and blockchain to make it safe from quantum computing. Given bitcoin’s strong emphasis on security and extensive network of users, this fork will showcase to the world the value and usefulness of Quantum1Net’s proprietary technology.

Quantum1Net Crowdsale

The first Quantum1Net crowdsale is live and ends March 9, 2018. During this crowdsale, participants can buy Silver tokens, which can then be converted to the Gold tokens that the project will offer in its second crowdsale starting July 2018, with a 20 percent bonus during conversion. The project will offer its Gold token again for its third crowdsale scheduled for January 2019. Investors who wish to participate in a project that develops quantum-safe encryption to protect internet users and businesses may want to join this very interesting crowdsale. If the project follows its roadmap, it has the potential to revolutionize computer and internet security.

*I am receiving Quantum1Net tokens for the growth of the community.

To learn more about Quantum1Net:

Website: https://quantum1net.com

Whitepaper: https://quantum1net.com/Q1N%20white%20paper.pdf