NapoleonX: Algorithmic Trading for Everyone

NapoleonX allows investors to use the latest developments in algorithmic trading.

To foster the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and tokens and provide ordinary investors with the tools to trade assets that only powerful institutions currently have, NapoleonX will launch a platform whereby anyone can profit from the creation and usage of trading bots by decentralized autonomous funds (DAFs). By applying the latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, NapoleonX promises to reduce volatility for investors and bring a consistent yield.

Anticipating the increasing tokenization of the economy, whereby the ownership of goods and services will be digitized and traded on alternative exchanges, NapoleonX seeks to bring to ordinary investors the algorithmic technology to trade these investments that hitherto has been available to powerful corporations. By creating a user-friendly platform, NapoleonX aims to draw non-technical investors in to reap the rewards of the unique technology offered, giving investors a return on the fees charged to DAFs for using trading bots.

The NapoleonX platform will run on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which is a transparent, immutable, open-source ledger. By allowing for “smart contracts” — self-executing contracts when conditions set by two parties are met — financial intermediaries are unneeded, reducing transaction costs and increasing their speed. Since the Ethereum blockchain is transparent and globally viewable, investors will have confidence in the platform as the likelihood of fraud is substantially reduced.

The native token of the platform, NPX, is ERC20 compatible, allowing it to be stored in popular Ethereum wallets such as Mist and MyEtherWallet. Besides being entitled to license fees from DAFs that use proprietary trading bots, NPX token holders will be entitled to trade signals depending on how many NPX they own. Those who own 10,000 or more NPX will receive signals first, those with 1,000 to 9,999 will receive signals next, and those who own less than 999 will receive signals last. No more than 50,000,000 NPX will be created, thus allowing it to increase in value as use of the platform grows.

NapoleonX will have a user-friendly app.

The highly anticipated NapoleonX ICO will end February 28, 2018. The minimum contribution is 0.3 ETH, 0.05 BTC, or 750 euros, and one ETH will buy 1,000 NPX. Those who invest before 10,000,000 euros is raised will be entitled to a bonus. The hard cap is 15,000,000 euros. Investors thus have time to gain exposure to a promising platform that will work on bringing algorithmic trading to the mainstream.

Author: pushups44

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