IP Exchange: Decentralized IP Sharing

IP Exchange will allow users to buy and sell IPs.

An interesting new blockchain project has emerged, IP Exchange, that will allow users to buy and sell IP addresses on a decentralized exchange. The native token of the platform, IPSX, will be used as a medium of exchange among its users. IP Exchange will allow users to bypass censorship or internet filters, and avoid intrusive spying by organizational entities.

The reasons for wanting to use IPs other than one’s own are varied. Businesses may need many IPs to communicate faster or more effectively with their clients or potential clients, users may fear repercussions from oppressive regimes, and some users may feel it promotes privacy.  Whatever the case, the market currently lacks a variety of choices for consumers. For example, the TOR network that uses “onion” routing is notoriously slow due to the lack of incentives for users to share their IPs. The IP Exchange platform will reward users that sell their IPs with IPSX that can easily be converted to other tokens or cryptocurrencies, or even fiat currencies, at exchanges.

The smart contracts on the blockchain facilitating the exchange of IP addresses are transparent and will protect users. Therefore, if a user is to engage in illegal activities while using another user’s IP, the person who sold the IP will be removed of liability as it can easily be verified that the IP was used by someone else. The open nature of the exchange, allowing individuals and businesses to participate, will bring more options to consumers to bypass censorship or filters and avoid surveillance. Consumers will have the option to rent IPs from anywhere in the world over a period of minutes up to a month or more without getting stuck in a contract they do not want.

Potentially, IP Exchange can foster a culture where privacy is respected and once again normalized. As users and businesses realize that there is profit in protecting privacy and human dignity, they will seize on this opportunity and reinforce the notion that business and ethics can be compatible. Just as there is technology that removes privacy, there is technology that promotes and broadens it, of which IP Exchange is an example.

The crowdsale for IP Exchange begins February 28, 2018, giving investors the opportunity to gain exposure to this unique blockchain project. A total of 1.8 billion IPSX will be created, with half offered for sale. The tokens dedicated to the team and the amounts raised with allow for further development and marketing of the project. Given the need for IPs among individuals and businesses, IP Exchange is a potential game-changer for privacy and commerce.

*I am receiving IPSX for the growth of the community.

To find more information about IPSX:

Website: https://ip.sx/

IPSX ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2897132.0

Telegram: https://t.me/IPExchange

Whitepaper: https://ip.sx/dist/Whitepaper-IPSX-05.pdf