EQUI: Tokenizing Venture Capital

EQUI Capital will tokenize venture capital investing.

We live in an era of profound and growing wealth inequality, and this inequality is largely the result of a lack of opportunity. One cryptocurrency project that seeks to bring the advantages of venture capitalism to the masses is EQUI, by allowing investors to participate in promising investments previously available only to the elites. With blockchain technology, ordinary investors finally have opportunities of which they have been deprived by traditional financial institutions.

Blockchain technology facilitates new opportunities for venture capitalism due to its decentralized and transparent nature. As a distributed ledger that cannot be tampered with or censored, it provides easy access and unmatched security for users. This means anyone can participate in the ecosystem regardless of their nationality, status, or wealth. The blockchain will therefore allow a new pool of investors to fund new enterprises, and, by allowing the tokenization of assets — the conversion of traditionally paper assets into digital tokens — can do so in amounts that they prefer, fitting their level of wealth or socioeconomic status.

Traditionally, venture capitalism has been the preserve of the wealthy, sometimes called “angel investors,” who are approached by entrepreneurs seeking funds and sometimes expertise in exchange for surrendering a percentage of the venture. While these ventures are typically high-risk, the rewards for their success can bring enormous returns for investors. The exclusivity of this form of financing only exacerbates wealth inequality globally, undermining the meritocratic ideals of modern civilization, and arguably keeping the capitalist system from reaching its full potential due to restricted access to credit.

The EQUI platform, founded by Doug Barrowman and Baroness Mone of Mayfair,  who have decades of experience in venture capitalism, will open new possibilities for ordinary investors. EQUI will disrupt the status quo in the industry by giving those who own its native tokens, EQUItokens, an opportunity to invest in emerging ventures on its platform and be rewarded according to the performance of these ventures. Investors will be able to earn 75 percent of net returns on investments, and will be given bonuses according to their participation on the platform.

The EQUI platform will run on top of the Ethereum blockchain, which is widely used due to its security and smart contract capabilities. Smart contracts are automatically executing contracts that execute when the stipulations of two parties to an agreement are fulfilled. They prevent the need for expensive trusted intermediaries such as brokers or agents. The EQUItoken is ERC20 compliant and can thus be stored in popular Ethereum wallets such as Mist and MyEtherWallet, and traded at exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

To fund the project and bring its vision to reality, EQUI will hold a presale from March 1, 2018 to March 14, 2018, and an ICO from March 15, 2018 to April 12, 2018. A minimum investment of $100 is required for the ICO. In total, 250 million EQUItokens will be minted, and 65 percent will be available during the crowdsale (including the presale). Each year, the supply of EQUItokens will grow by five percent each year to incentivize use of the platform with a loyalty program. The nominal price of the EQUItoken will be $0.50 during the ICO.

Investors who seek to gain exposure to a venture capital project using the blockchain to bring the industry to the mainstream should consider, after doing their own due diligence, whether this fascinating crowdsale is right for them.

*I am receiving EQUItokens for the growth of the community.

To learn more about EQUI:

Website: https://www.equi.capital

Whitepaper: https://www.equi.capital/whitepaper/EQUI_Whitepaper_050218.pdf