Sharpe Capital: Profiting with AI and Machine Learning

Sharpe Capital uses AI and machine learning to crowdsource sentiment for profit.

Sharpe Capital has created an innovative investment platform for crowdsourcing sentiment to make predictions about the markets, while rewarding participants based on their accuracy and how many tokens they own. By creating an investment platform using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on the blockchain, Sharpe Capital is paving the way for the democratization of finance.

The Sharpe Capital team has developed a proprietary algorithm using economic data, real-time news and events, crowdsourced sentiment, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) data to predict market trends across various asset classes. Using its own proof-of-stake metric, the platform is able to calculate the level of confidence of participants and reward them based on their confidence and accuracy. Using the Ethereum blockchain, each participant will have a proof-of-reputation immutably registered and viewable based on their history of predictions. Unlike prediction markets, there is no cost to inaccurate forecasts: rewards will simply be increased or reduced based on the accuracy of previous predictions, as reflected in the proof-of-reputation.

Using the power of blockchain technology, Sharpe Capital will be a disruptive force in finance and empowering for ordinary investors. The blockchain will keep a permanent record of trades and disbursement of money on the decentralized platform, preventing manipulation and fraud. By creating a platform where all transactions are globally viewable, investors will have more confidence in the platform than in traditional brokerages where transactions are hidden from view, particularly from investors and traders.

Sharpe Capital uses AI to make market predictions.

Sharpe Capital plans on creating two tokens: SHP and SCD. The SHP token will give users the right to provide market sentiment on the equity markets and blockchain assets and make predictions on them for rewards. Participants will be paid in ETH depending on how accurate their predictions are and how many SHP tokens they own. SHP will also be the native token of the platform that can be used by hedge funds to purchase market sentiment derived from the platform. Sharpe Capital plans to release the Sharpe Crypto Derivative (SCD) token in the first quarter of 2019, which will represent ownership in its investment fund based on crowdsourced sentiment, using AI and machine learning.

The Sharpe Capital crowdsale is ongoing and will end February 5, 2018. Thus far, the project has collected almost 2,500 ETH, or about $2.5 million, showing investors have been enthusiastic about it. In total, no more than 130,000,000 SHP will be created. Investors thus have some time to purchase tokens to gain exposure to this cutting-edge project that may revolutionize the financial industry.

*I am receiving Sharpe Capital tokens for the growth of the community.

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