Mark.Space: Merging Virtual Reality with Internet

Mark.Space will merge the internet with blockchain and virtual reality.

To bring the internet and virtual reality (VR) reach the next level, Mark.Space will leverage the blockchain to give users new interactive experiences limited only by their imagination. The borderless nature of the blockchain, along with its immutability and transparency, will allow users to form an ecosystem of trading and information-sharing that is unparalleled in the industry.

Users of the platform can buy, sell, or rent units of space that they can design using professional software or the built-in features of the platform. Similarly, businesses and advertisers can use units of space they have purchased or rented to offer goods and services. The platform will be especially beneficial to artists seeking to test and expand their creative works, and find new audiences. The open nature of the ecosystem will encourage economic activity similar to the real-world, with the native token of the platform, MRK, used as a means of exchange. For artists and creative professionals, copyrights will be enforceable on the platform, as all commercial activity, including ownership of land, will be recorded on the blockchain.

The districts will be divided into the categories of residential, business, community, and shopping, with education and entertainment to be added in the future. Each category will have its own rules, just as communities do in the real world. For residential units, users can upload 360 degree images using a camera or smart phone and place their residence within the virtual world, customizing it as they see fit. Users can then link their residential unit to a unique web address and provide the link on social networks, to entertain friends and relatives. The capability of making web addresses three-dimensional and interactive will be a new revolution on the internet, giving users a new range of experiences. The platform will be compatible with all web browsers and open to anyone regardless of nationality.

The Mark.Space crowdsale offering MRK tokens is currently taking place and will end February 28, 2018. All crowdsale participants will get a free residency unit. The crowdsale has thus far raised almost 8,000 ETH, showing the confidence investors have in this innovative project.

*I am receiving Mark tokens for the growth of the community.

Author: pushups44

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