Lucyd: Next Generation AR Smartglasses

Lucyd offers next generation AR smart glasses.

To bring augmented reality to the mainstream, Lucyd has designed smartglasses that are technologically sophisticated and ergonomic. The project understands that among the main impediments to the widespread adoption of AR is discomfort while wearing AR devices. Lucyd has thus made a conscious effort to make the devices feel as natural and comfortable as possible, while not compromising on the technical aims.

Lucyd has implemented key design features to make the smartglasses as comfortable as possible. First, the smartglasses are lightweight, thus letting users get easily accustomed to wearing them. Second, the smartglasses look and feel like regular glasses, preventing users from looking out of place in a crowd, as with smartglasses from competitors. The microdisplays on the lenses are therefore transparent. Third, there are no buttons, wires, or cables visible on the exterior of the smartglasses. The wires and components giving the smartglasses AR capabilities are in the stems. These are just a few of the design features that will draw ordinary people to the smartglasses.

While using the smartglasses, users will experienced an enhanced reality interwoven with internet data to bring convenience to users. As users walk in public wearing them, the microdisplays on the lenses will allow them to view the online profiles of passersby, information and offers of nearby businesses, and information about landmarks, among many other things. Users can even check their email while taking a stroll in public.

The team behind Lucyd has a diverse array of skills, with experts in AR, optics, and ergonomics. Lucyd has the exclusive license to use 13 patents developed by scientists at the University of Central Florida, and among its team and advisers has seven PhDs. By bringing leading scientists to assist with the project, Lucyd aims to take the lead in the market for AR smartglasses, offering cutting-edge technology based on rigorous research.

The native token of the platform, LCD, is ERC20 compatible, running on top of the Ethereum protocol. In total, no more than 100 million LCD will be minted. Developers who create apps for the smartglasses will be rewarded LCD based on reviews, and users who provide reviews will be rewarded LCD. LCD can also be used to buy the smartglasses. By rewarding both developers and users, the platform will promote engagement and continue to lead in innovation.

The token crowdsale offering LCD for $0.25 ends February 28, 2018. After the crowdsale, the tokens apportioned to the team will be locked up for 12 months, protecting investors from a massive market dump of the tokens. All unsold tokens that were offered will be burned, further reducing the overall supply of LCD. Investors interested in gaining exposure to a leading AR project with academics and scientists may find this crowdsale irresistible.

*I am receiving Lucyd tokens for the growth of the community.

Author: pushups44

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