Global REIT: Tokenized Real Estate

Global REIT tokenizes real estate.

Global REIT will bring the advantages of a real estate investment trust (REIT) to cryptocurrency investors by having a crowdsale offering tokens that will issue dividends based on acquired properties. As a first-mover in this lucrative area that is Sharia-compliant, Global REIT is poised to capture a large market share.

The benefits of a REIT, particularly for cryptocurrency investors, are numerous. As a portfolio of rental properties, a REIT has built-in diversification, so that if any property is vacant or requires repairs other properties are generating income. A REIT is also managed by experienced real estate professionals, thus allowing investors to focus on other matters. Additionally, a REIT provides a steady stream of income from the diversified portfolio of properties, and sometimes from other activities such as selling a property or providing financing. Ownership or rights to a REIT can typically be bought and sold on an open market through a stock. Rather than issuing a stock, Global REIT will issue two tokens, GREM and GRET, that run on top of the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded at cryptocurrency exchanges.

As a project that will acquire tangible properties in U.A.E. and UK, and possibly other countries, the tokens issued by Global REIT will have intrinsic value. While cryptocurrencies may rise and fall in popularity or use, the tokens issued by Global REIT will perform according to the success of its acquisitions. Token holders can be confident that their tokens are backed by these properties, and they will enjoy free stays and other perks through their ownership of these tokens.

Funds raised by the sale of GREM tokens will allow the fund management company to carry out its operations, such as marketing the properties, and funds raised from the sale of GRET tokens will help fund acquisitions of properties. The dividend for GREM will start at two percent and eventually drop to 1.25 percent of the net asset value (NAV), and the dividend for GRET will remain at a steady eight percent of investment in assets under management. As the project grows along with its acquisitions, the dividends will grow proportionally.

The pre-ICO will take place during the month of May and the ICO will take place during the month of June. During the crowdsale, GREM will sell for $0.07 and GRET for $1, with bonuses available that reward the earliest participants. Investors interested in tokens backed by tangible assets may want to look further into this ground-breaking project.

*I am receiving Global REIT tokens for the growth of the community.

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