Coinvest: Democratizing Cryptocurrencies

Coinvest democratizes investing in cryptocurrencies.

Seeking to capitalize on the growth of cryptocurrencies as an asset class and democratize access to them, Coinvest in building a decentralized platform that will allow users to easily set up a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and trade them. Using the native token of the platform, COIN, users are able to invest in many cryptocurrencies and index funds.

Because of the technical sophistication required of investing in blockchain assets and cryptocurrencies, they have largely been confined to high net worth investors and the technically savvy. The technical complexity has prevented average people from benefiting from the extraordinary growth of cryptocurrencies, which collectively amount to hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization. To give access to mainstream investors to cryptocurrencies, Coinvest is developing a decentralized, secure, user-friendly investment platform.

COIN, the  principle currency of the platform, is ERC20 compatible and runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of COIN will not exceed 107 million, causing its value to rise as the platform and hence the token becomes more popular. COIN will bring liquidity to the platform and is used to settle the trading of other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, users will earn COIN depending on their trading frequency, and will be compensated in COIN if they allow other users to copy their trades — a practice called “copy-trading”– with 50 percent of the trading fees from those who copy their trades.

Coinvest will also issue a debit card that allows customers to spend their cryptocurrencies and tokens for everyday goods and services. By providing this essential feature, ordinary investors will be able to see tangible benefits to owning cryptocurrencies. Among the prime obstacles in making cryptocurrencies more widely accepted has been the difficulty in converting them to real-world goods, and even with one another in a user-friendly way.

The Coinvest crowdsale is taking place February 16, 2018 and is scheduled to end March 16, 2018. The hard cap is $30 million. The minimum investment is 0.01 ETH, and 1,000 COIN will be offered for $700. Investors eager to participate in the democratization and mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies may want to consider Coinvest based on its unique offerings.

*I am receiving Coinvest tokens for the growth of the community.

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