ETHLend: Democratizing Lending

The ETHLend LEND token will give benefits to token holders.

ETHLend will revolutionize finance by establishing a decentralized blockchain platform for borrowers and lenders of cryptocurrencies to interact. The aim of the platform is to remove unnecessary middlemen to bring more favorable conditions to borrowers and lenders.

One primary benefit of the ETHLend platform is that it is transnational, allowing borrowers and lenders of any nation to interact. By bringing financial services to people from all over the world, liquidity and capital will increase, thus leading to more economic opportunities globally. The decentralized nature of the blockchain means that borrowers and lenders can interact without having to exchange fiat currencies through traditional banks, bringing convenience and reducing costs. With a decentralized platform that does not discriminate or engage in favoritism as traditional financial institutions are inclined, lending is democratized, leading to greater economic potential for all users.

As a decentralized platform, ETHLend does not provide loans or hold any assets for borrowers. The ETHLend platform is peer-to-peer, allowing users to set their own conditions with “smart contracts” on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts are self-executing contracts based on criteria agreed by two parties that remove the need for middlemen. Though ETHLend is decentralized, the mainstreaming of cryptocurrencies and the likely future involvement of regulatory bodies in numerous jurisdictions means that ETHLend will strive as much as possible to comply with financial regulations by introducing features into the platform that allow users to comply with their particular jurisdiction.

ETHLend will provide innovative features to attract users. Among the unique features of the ETHLend platform is competitive bidding, whereby lenders will be able to compete with one another for borrowers by setting their interest rates. The smart contract will accept the lowest rate, allowing borrowers to receive the best offers. Lenders will be able to use the platform to loan bitcoin and altcoins.

The ETHLend platform will also assist lenders to mitigate their risks. ETHLend is developing artificial intelligence (AI) that will assess the risk of borrowers based on data collected from them to help lenders in their decision-making. ETHLend also invites insurers to use its decentralized platform to insure lenders to protect them from defaults on loans.

The ETHLend token brings investors nice rewards.
ETHLend will be a global, decentralized lending platform.

A total of 1,000,000,000 LEND will be minted by the ETHLend project, and an additional 300,000,000 will be held to maintain and promote it. The LEND token, running on the Ethereum blockchain, is ERC20 compliant, allowing it to be stored in standard Ethereum wallets. To reward adopters of the platform, ETHLend will provide airdrops of LEND to active users. Moreover, LEND token holders will be entitled to reduced fees and premium features on the ETHLend platform. Those who refer others to the platform will also be rewarded with LEND.

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BankEx Proof of Asset Protocol

BankEx will use smart contracts on the blockchain.

BankEx has emerged as a new cryptocurrency project developing the “Proof of Asset Protocol,” which allows for the tokenization of financial assets for businesses. The Proof of Asset Protocol allows BankEx to turn real assets into tokens, with a validation mechanism for the assets, and issues the tokens for trading in the market. By using the blockchain and tokenization, new avenues of attracting and building capital will be available for businesses, allowing them to reach their full potential.

With the emergence and proliferation of blockchain technology, businesses are looking to raise capital in less costly and more efficient ways by tokenization, such as by issuing their own initial coin offering (ICO). Businesses know that the tokenization of their assets will allow for a cheaper means to obtain funding, and BankEx will standardize the way assets are validated and tokenized, allowing businesses to obtain needed funds. The tokenization of assets essentially means these assets are recorded on the blockchain, which will allow them to be viewable globally. As a service employing the blockchain and “smart contracts,” BankEx will cut out middlemen that increase the cost of raising capital through traditional means. The BankEx token, BKX, will allow businesses to convert their assets into tokens or “smart assets” and will reward product mining within the BankEx ecosystem.

The BankEx BKX token works on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

BankEx’s CEO, Igor Khmel, is an entrepreneur with an MBA from Stanford University. He has worked as an executive for McKinsey, Deloitte, and Citadel. He also ran a fintech laboratory for Sberbank, the largest bank in Eastern Europe and third largest in Europe. The BankEx team is also filled with dozens of professionals with expertise in software development, business and finance, marketing, and law.

Due to the project’s innovative ideas, Microsoft Azure has given BankEx a $120,000 grant. Additionally, showing that the project is able to win the confidence of investors, more than $10 million has been committed to the project before the ICO has even started. BankEx will use these funds to develop its project with the aim of revolutionizing the financial markets and improving the flow of capital.

The BankEx ICO will take place from November 28, 2017 to December 28, 2017. For the ICO, BKX tokens will be offered at a rate of 500 BKX for 1 ETH (Ethereum token). The BankEx token, BKX, is ERC20 compatible and runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Token holders will thus be able to store their tokens in standard Ethereum wallets.

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