ALLOY Rewards Network

ALLOY Rewards Network and cryptocurrency.

The ALLOY Global Rewards Network aims to become the leading rewards network for consumers using the blockchain. By using the blockchain, ALLOY aims to bring greater transparency and empowerment to consumers, and to benefit businesses with more loyal customers. ALLOY will allow users to accumulate reward points by shopping within the network and obtain the goods or services they prefer when claiming rewards.

According to ALLOY, $360 billion in rewards are unclaimed each year. Some of the reasons for this are unclear program rules, difficulty in making a claim, and lack of reward options. By using the Ethereum blockchain and providing a user-friendly platform that can be logged into on mobile devices and desktops, consumers will be able to claim more of their earned rewards and get exactly what they want. Moreover, the Global Rewards Network will bridge consumers from all over the world, uniting them on a single platform in which they can participate regardless of borders.

The ALLOY token will be the reserve currency allowing for frictionless combining and redeeming of rewards, or of converting rewards to fiat currencies. Partners in the Global Rewards Network will be able to decide the value of their rewards in ALLOY for easy conversion among consumers in the network. Essential to the process of converting rewards points to ALLOY is REPAC (Real-time Points Adoption and Conversion).

ALLOY will offer rewards to consumers and token holders.

To boost engagement with consumers, major brands can join the Global Rewards Network, which will allow them to easily integrate a rewards program with their customers. Brands will be able to decide how and where their rewards can be claimed. The Global Rewards Network will allow companies to increase engagement with consumers without sacrificing their brand identity.

The possibilities for user redemption are endless. By combining and claiming rewards points, consumers will be able to get mobile phone minutes or credits, gift cards, credits at restaurants or movie theaters, merchandise, plane tickets, hotel bookings, rentals, etc. Users will be able to redeem rewards points no matter where they are or made previous purchases, thus making the Global Rewards Network borderless. The ALLOY client software will allow consumers to know how many rewards points they have accumulated and their value.

As a token running on the Ethereum blockchain, ALLOY is ERC20 compatible. As an ERC20 token, ALLOY can be stored on many popular Ethereum wallets. In total, there will be 100,000,000 ALLOY tokens issued. Moreover, ALLOY will be a beneficiary of the growing use and popularity of the Ethereum blockchain, as well as of its continuous development and upgrades.

*I am receiving ALLOY tokens for the growth of the community.